Animal cruelty leads to domestic violence

Animal cruelty leads to domestic violence

Family member recalls brother’s dog being put in the oven then going missing, her brother later being stabbed to death

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) — Amy Schumacher recalls the relationship between her brother Todd Schumacher and Matt Donaghy.

A relationship that would ultimately turn fatal.

“The thing is, is when you look back, and you retrace those steps, then you’re like, ‘Oh, I should have saw something here,’” says Schumacher. “But, you know, at the time, you’re just thinking, ‘Oh, they might ha

ve had off day’ or something, and you go about your business,” says Schumacher.

The relationship would ultimately show the link between animal cruelty and domestic violence.
Schumacher says her brother loved his dog Monroe, more than a companion, but a best friend.

“He went missing five days before my brother was murdered, and like, friends and neighbors would be going out looking for Monroe and even Matt would, but something seemed off about it,” said Schumacher about Monroe going missing.

Amy says her brother called her frantically, adding that he was making himself sick by the stress he had trying to find his dog.

“I just knew that my main concern was my brother and the stress because the dog meant everything to him,” she adds.

“He used Monroe because he knew that was a weakness on my brother’s he loved that dog, and there was, that made him jealous. It was about jealousy, dog got more attention than he did.”

But things were about to get more disturbing for Amy.

“In my brother’s case, it came from his, you know, Monroe in the oven, which I didn’t know about, and he kept it from me he I think it was a protective measure, then that’s what people do. They protect tried to protect the people around them,” she said.

Amy finding out that in the time prior to her brother’s death Matt had put her brother’s dog in the oven.
A case she didn’t find out about until after she found her brother the day after.

“And using a pet, if someone really loves her pet is one of the most laser focus ways to get somebody’s attention,”  said Amy.

“Matt was brought up on charges after my brother’s murder. He served that sentence in conjunction… he only got second degree manslaughter actually and he is out on the streets,” she says when asked about Matt.

Amy now continues to cope by helping spread the message of being aware.

“I wish, I would have saw the signs. I’m so sorry, just nobody deserves that. Monroe didn’t deserve it, you didn’t deserve it. Nobody, nobody deserves it,” she sends the message to her brother Todd.

She also adds that if you see something, you should say something.

“If there’s any concern about anything, it doesn’t matter how small you might think it is. It can be bigger than what you’re even thinking that you need to reach out, please reach out, it’s important, it can be a matter of life and death,” she says.

If you or someone is a victim of domestic violence or if you suspect animal cruelty you can call GreenHouse17 for assistance, at their 24-hour crisis line, 1(800) 544-2022.

There have been other cases involving animal cruelty and domestic violence in Lexington, in one case the girlfriend shot the boyfriends dog in the head during a domestic dispute and was charged with torture.
The dog later died from his injuries.

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Animal cruelty leads to domestic violence

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