Home for a Change | My Shetland

Home for a Change | My Shetland

The sheep are rarely home these days.  They love grazing in a far field, that I was saving for winter.

Everyone can get there by going under fences.

Everyone, that is, except for ‘Ster who sits patiently by the fence waiting for me to walk him round through the garden and another field.  To be fair, he is very good and doesn’t eat anything in the garden – he knows the routine and what is expected.  OH would go nuts if he knew I walked ‘Ster through his garden most evenings!  We will say nothing.

The sheep go out all day and night, if they can, coming back for a swift breakfast before going off again.

So it was lovely to see them sitting down chewing their cud in the morning sunshine.

I like to think they have very smiley and relaxed faces.

Except for Lambie, who looks like the village idiot!

Despite this, he is very good with Pepper.

And Pepper is (mostly) very kind to the sheep. She likes them.

Even Maggie has calmed down.  I love the way Maggie looks behind when I tell her she is gorgeous!  I think she knows this already.

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Home for a Change | My Shetland

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