Preparing for the Storm | My Shetland

Preparing for the Storm | My Shetland

Tonight and tomorrow’s weather forecast is revolting and you know my obsession with the weather. I have at least 5 weather apps on my phone in the hope that one of them says everyone is wrong.  Ever the optimist, that’s me!

So I decided to move the oldies down to a more sheltered field.  En route, they had their breakfast.

Lambie wasn’t with his flock as he was feeling a bit “speshul” and refused to eat with the hoi polloi (they hassle him). He wanted his own spot and his own bowl and yes, I have to hold it for him and tell him how much his Muzzah luffs him.  Of course I did. It’s my job.

This is Lambie’s speshul face (with an added hint of twit).

The horse breakfast buckets are now colour-coded. Kolka has pink because she is a girlie and we only have one pink bucket!  The old men get yellow (slightly fewer calories) and Klængur has black (perpetual diet).

After breakfast, I led Haakon down to the more sheltered field, which also has grass. Everyone else followed…… eventually.

Klængur and Kolka (now known as The Loving Couple) immediately went down the hill together….

…. while Haakon and Iacs got their bearings and a little chat (with me thinking “It’s not rocket science.  Just go!)

I left everyone to find the safest and most sheltered spot for the meteorological onslaught that is about to appear.

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Preparing for the Storm | My Shetland

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