Next, the Thaw | My Shetland

Next, the Thaw | My Shetland

We came out first thing this morning to find lots of meltwater lying around.  The temperature had been slowly going up all night.

Our burn was very high too – it all comes off Stourbrough HIll (173 metres high) at the back of the property and the bottom field was therefore flooded.

Iacs, Klaengur and Haakon could see me giving out breakfasts, particularly to Albie, Storm, Tiddles and Waffle.  Poor Iacs. He was beside himself. His routine had been ruined. I could feel his thoughts from here.  What about him?

Well, basically, nothing. I can’t get over that burn and they’re not attempting to come over to me. So, sorry, they had to do without today.  They have loads of lovely grass and fresh running water (lots).

When the wind calms down (possibly tomorrow), we have lots of clearing up to do.  No one likes the meltwater much.

And then it will all be perfect just in time for Round 2 at Christmas!

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Next, the Thaw | My Shetland

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