If I fits, I sits!

If I fits, I sits!

“If I fits, I sits“…

Our house is still in a bit of a disarray as we are waiting on some Persian carpet underlay to arrive before we put down the new-to-us replacement rug.

So things are not where they should be.  I had emptied “Aunt Kate’s (my great great) tallboy” of its drawers to make it easier to move and had stacked them hopefully in the right order next door.

Monster and Pepper were having an after-supper game and this is where Monster decided to hide obviously maintaining the element of surprise with maximum invisibility.

Possibly it didn’t work.

After he realised this, Monster vanished for a while and I couldn’t find him anywhere until I looked properly.

He’s even got a double chin rest.  Perfect for all his double chin needs.

Funny boy. He even looks wonderful when he’s invisible.

If I fits, I sits!

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