food bloat or twisted stomach? The one way to know for sure.

food bloat or twisted stomach? The one way to know for sure.

Now you can control your dog’s nutritional intake for proper balance, number of calories, improved wellness-and lower cost.

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See why this remarkable guide to natural dog care and training has been called “absolutely THE best dog magazine available!”

Find what our honesty, our integrity, and our love of all dogs can mean for you and yours!

We know you take your dog’s care, health, and happiness seriously. That’s why you were selected to receive this invitation. You only want the best for your dog.

So do we. We call out dog foods that are disappointing and even dangerous. We expose the secrets – and sometimes the outright lies. In recent issues, readers learned of…

…the brand we named the very worst of the big name dog foods. Although promising beef and chicken on the label, the two biggest ingredients were corn and soybean meal. The third ingredient? You don’t want to know!

…the major chains whose lean formula dog food included a hefty helping of “powdered cellulose.” Slim chance we’d serve that to our dogs!

…a company whose “beef” was actually horsemeat laced with pentobarbital! (While the company’s management pointed fingers, we gave them a big thumbs down!)

So where do you find truly good dog foods? Feast your eyes on this!

Despite the bad apples, dog food has gotten better, much better. There are more “healthy” and “natural” options than ever before. How do you know what’s really best?

You could spend all day—or all week—in the dog food aisle comparing ingredients. Or, you could subscribe to Whole Dog Journal!

Each year we share our latest exclusive list of Approved Dry Dog Foods and Approved Wet Dog Foods. You’ll find foods that are made with the highest quality ingredients and with thought given to delivering a balanced and complete diet to meet the nutritional needs of your dog at the various stages of his life. Plus, become a member today and you’ll get access to our back issues archive at no extra cost! It’s like getting an extra 150 issues filled with expert health advice free!

Plus, you’ll find the best choices for:

• food-allergic dogs • gluten-free formulations • foods that use only non-GMO produce • super-high protein options • USDA organic foods for digestive health • and more!

There’s no risk. No obligation.
If you decide it isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time.

Why is she not eating? Why is he licking there? Does my pup really need ALL those shots? Can I stop kennel cough?

Whole Dog Journal brings guidance from top veterinarians to keep your dog at his healthiest best. You’ll learn of advances in conventional medicine and of effective non-conventional treatments. You’ll get solid information about all the most beneficial options available to you.

You’ll learn how to interpret body signals. You’ll know how to start a pup off right. And you’ll be ready for the changes that come with maturing years. In any issue you could discover…

  • the kitchen cabinet herb that works as an effective anti-gas agent.
  • the one cataract treatment that works…and why you should be wary about so-called “cataract drops.”
  • how you can prevent the three conditions that most frequently compromise dogs’ quality of life.
  • what to do if your dog gets tetanus – and why you can’t give him a shot.
  • a wonder food from Down Under that’s tops for soothing the symptoms of kennel cough.
  • 5 steps to safely pull a tick off your dog.
  • food bloat or twisted stomach? The one way to know for sure.

Whole Dog Journal is the “go-to” guide for your “what-to-do” training decisions and dilemmas

How do I get him to “leave it?” Can I teach my puppy not to bite? How can I stop the scratching at the door? What’s the secret to calming a high-energy dog?

You’ll make your wishes your cues…cues your dog will obey willingly and consistently. You’ll discover positive training techniques that can break down training brick walls…techniques that will elicit your dog’s attention and cooperation…techniques that make learning rewarding for your dog and for you. Our certified professional trainers will show you…

  • how to train your dog to “wait” and to “stay” and the importance of having different cues for each.
  • how to stop a dog’s annoying “demand behavior” by teaching him a better way to get what he wants.
  • a proven seven-step way to leash train—without a leash!
  • how to get your dog to come to you—quickly!-whenever you give the “rocket recall” cue.

Plus, you’ll welcome Whole Dog Journal‘s tips to great crate training. You’ll learn the ten most important things to teach a puppy…the tools and routines that can speed and simplify potty training…how to stop tableside begging…and just how much training a dog really needs.

By now, you’ve gotten a taste for just how special Whole Dog Journal is. That may well be the reason you’ve never seen a copy. Our readers tend to jealously guard their issues. It’s quite simply information they can’t get anywhere else…information that will safeguard and enrich your dog’s life and let you feed, train, and care with greater confidence and peace-of-mind.

Whole Dog Journal accepts no ads. Never have. Never will. That means we can name names not just when it comes to dog foods, but when it comes to any of the toys, tools, and products you buy as a dog owner. You’ll appreciate this candor whether you’re shopping for a soft-sided crate or a hard-to-beat safe and steady water dish. You could find out about…

  • the top-notch pet insurance company with a low co-pay and no coverage cap (and one whose fine print could void your claim!)
  • the “super tough toy” that didn’t last one minute with our test dog and one that’s still squeaking after months of chewing.
  • three easy-to-put-on front-clip harnesses that proved to be head and shoulders above nine other competitors!
  • the one dog treat we were forced to call
  • “just sweetened glop” and eight that earned our highest Three Bones rating.

Whole Dog Journal is completely about dogs…from first page to last…from nose to tail…from puppyhood through his senior-citizen canine years. It is practical and pertinent guidance.

Whether it’s de-skunking your dog or debunking a dog food maker’s claims… whether it’s tips for perfecting your cues or breakthroughs in preventing parvovirus…whether it’s the best treats to give…or the best tricks to teach, you’ll find it in Whole Dog Journal.

So, that’s us. That’s Whole Dog Journal. I think you’ll agree you – and your dog – will be getting a lot – and for just very little. Start your subscription today!


Greg King, Publisher
The Whole Dog Journal

P.S. Remember, in addition to Whole Dog Journal, your subscription includes our upcoming Approved Dry Dog Food list…our latest Approved Wet Dog Food list…and our special Gear of the Year issue. And, you have our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, at any time, you decide Whole Dog Journal isn’t for you, just let us know and we’ll send you back every penny you paid.

P.P.S. Keep an eye out for these 4 harmful ingredients found in many big-brand dog foods: 1) Animal by-products. While many are nutritious, they may be handled indifferently and therefore unhealthy; 2) “Generic” fat sources like “animal” or “poultry” fat; 3) Added sweeteners; and 4) Artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

This invitation will bring you Whole Dog Journal at a very special savings rate… and a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction. PLUS, you’ll receive our latest Approved Dog Food lists… our Gear of the Year issue… and unlimited access to our Online Library!

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food bloat or twisted stomach? The one way to know for sure.

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