Fivla or Silver? | My Shetland

Fivla or Silver? | My Shetland

A lovely day today, and everyone lined up politely to eat their scoop of minerals/vitamins.  Storm didn’t even bother to flip over the rubber feed skips as I set them out – he thinks it’s funny!  That’s how good everyone was today.

And I remembered that the other day, in a gale and lashing rain, that I had given Fivla’s bucket to Silver because I couldn’t tell them apart at the time.

In my defence, and Flossie will tell you, it is an easy mistake to make.

This is Fivla.

And this is Silver, who is every day becoming increasingly greyer (you don’t say white in the horsey world).

They sometimes even have the same facial expression.

Obviously I whipped the bucket swiftly away from Silver, when I saw Fivla’s little sad face of “but, but where’s my bucket” as I went along the line dishing out food.  I double check now.  I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

Food is highly prized in this field.

It’s every “man” or pony for himself but I do keep guard on Fivla as she is not very good at keeping her food.

This is about as cross as she gets with the vultures.  It’s not exactly scary, like Vitamin who terrifies even me!

There is grass out there. Honest.

The ponies just have to go further afield than their beloved rock and find it.

And if they don’t, they will starve because this is their field for possibly the rest of their lives, though I might move them this Autumn into a hill field.  We will see, as my mother used to say.

Fivla or Silver? | My Shetland

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