Storm Update | My Shetland

Storm Update | My Shetland

Storm and Newt burst out of their stable this morning full of energy, leaving behind a stable full of poo! OH said while mucked out that he didn’t think two little ponies could produce so much!

So today has been similar. Painkillers, small meals, regular and often and a 5 minutes trot every two hours all day.

They are living around the house and the weather is pretty mean so, as advised by the vet, I put a rain-sheet on Storm. I thought it fitted quite well but when I looked again, I realised it was a tad snug!

I took it off before another trot around the shed and replaced it with something bigger, and thicker.

I saw Storm yawn while I was deliberating whether to give him a rest, so I bundled him into the school and trotted him around instead. He produced this lovely poo and looked happier. I didn’t put the rug back on as the temperature outside was going up.

The sheep hate me because Storm and Newt love to chase them. They think it’s funny watching them scatter. I put the sheep in their paddock out of harm’s way.

But Storm is feeling and looking much better which is all I want. Newt is a great companion. He jostles Storm along and annoys him into getting better. I am followed everywhere by everyone.

So fingers and toes crossed, we are out of this terrible scare.  My nerves are shreds, my back is aching and I have never walked so far after two Shetland ponies trying to get them to trot (they hide behind my van!)



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Storm Update | My Shetland

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