Feeling Happier | My Shetland

Feeling Happier | My Shetland

Today I moved Fivla and Vitamin to the next-door field that has the spring grass.  While the Minions were eating their mins and vits, I led Fivla with her bucket through the gate and closed it very quickly.

Then I went back for Vitamin, did her hooves and mouth, and sent her through too.

As a diversion, I scattered some apple and celeriac peelings behind me.  Newt was not impressed.

The old ladies didn’t need asking twice about where they wanted to live.

And the little ones will just have to put up and shut up.

The only one I feel really bad for is Albie.

He will mind not having his Fivla with him but he and his friends are not going to go through another winter like last year, stuck in the shed with painful laminitis. It was horrid for everyone. I have told him this and will explain it to him every day if I have to.  This is For His Own Good.

Anyway, I listened to their complaints and walked away.

This afternoon I secretly went back and, as no one was expecting me, they weren’t hanging around waiting by the gate.

I wanted to see where they had gone in my absence.

The old ladies had left the gate and already had a field between them and the Minions.

Happy old ladies. I have thought long and hard about this. It is not fair they, in their late 20’s, should be on the same diet as the youngsters.  Nope.

And then I was spotted……

And the old ladies stayed where they were, which I thought was interesting, and I went home again.

I feel happier now.  This feels right.

Feeling Happier | My Shetland

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