Busy, Busy | My Shetland

Busy, Busy | My Shetland

I moved Albie and Storm to the indoor school first thing this morning having decided that this will be their new home for the foreseeable.

It is nice and big. I don’t ride anymore so ideal to keep Shetland ponies in and off the grass.

This time I am soaking all their food so please, no colic.

I have also arranged some sheep hurdles at the big door so they can see daylight. Sheep will also be kept out, which is a plus.

Next I moved the Old Men (and Klængur) to the “bottom field” which has been resting all spring/summer/autumn.

My aim is that they will have food for when it snows and I won’t have to lug hay nets.

The chaps seemed please with my decision.

And then…. I drove the horsevan over to Leradale to collect Tiddles and brought him home to live in the indoor school with Albie and Storm.

I have hopefully now made the arena Shetland-pony-proof though Storm is testing everything.

Tomorrow, I will spray everything with Crib-Stop for any potential chippie-chipmunks!



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Busy, Busy | My Shetland

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