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tortoise and chihuahua

There’s pretty much nothing cuter than an inter-species friendship, and this chihuahua and tortoise duo is no different. These besties may not come from the same backgrounds… but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun!

Tilly G the Tortoise and Skippy the Dog are as cute as could be. And, interestingly enough, there about the same size.

Who’da thunk?!

Skippy brings Tilly G toys to play with, and Tilly provides some very beneficial grounding energy for the hyper Skipper.

They balance one another out. That’s what makes a great friendship, whether you’re a human, a tortoise, or a chihuahua!

I can’t get enough of this duo of sweetie pies. If you’re as in love with them as I am, you can even follow Tilly G the Tortoise on Instagram!

Consider me a new fan. There’s nothing cuter on Earth than a pair of pet friends like these two.

This image is from YouTube.

These sweet friends love to play and snuggle. And we love to watch them have so much fun!

“Oh me gosh, this video is waaaaay tooo cute!! And Skippy napping next to Tilly G!! Thanks for sharing this sweetness!!” said one viewer.

“I like how Skippy pets Tillyg, and I like how Tillyg looks up,” said another.

This image is from YouTube.

They have such a special love for one another. It’s totally palpable!

People also took a moment to give some of these videos hilarious captions. My favorite is an Instagram comment, which says,

“He’s not sure what the rock dog prefers to play with, but gosh darn it Skippy’s gonna figure it out.”

This tortoise and chihuahua pair might be unlikely, but they’re certainly likable. I hope they have a lifetime of friendship and fun ahead!

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

Chihuahua & Tortoise Make The Cutest Pair! – InspireMore

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