Every Night | My Shetland

Every Night | My Shetland

Every night, after supper, I don my waterproofs for the last time that day, and go outside.

This is looking west-north-west at about 19:05.

I have a few end-of-the-day chores to do.

Checking sheep – this is their bedroom now (the stable) and they can come and go as they please.

Another job is to do a chicken/duck headcount and then shut their door for the night, all safe from the blood-thirsty night vermin.  Six of each (don’t worry, there is a chicken on the rafter right at the top).  We also have a polecat trap set ready outside.

Then I collect up and fill all the empty haynets – the horses’ ones ready for the morning and the sheeps’ for constant night munching.  My cafeteria never sleeps.

Last night it was a magical still evening. I love the peace and quiet.


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Every Night | My Shetland

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