Duvet Day | My Shetland

Duvet Day | My Shetland

The weather, as forecast, is filthy.  Wind, wind and more wind (up to Force 11 at times) and occasional rain. OH kindly helped me to feed the horses and ponies and we hung hanging onto buckets and horses trying to keep upright.  They all ate well and have shelter so I am not worried about them.

No one wanted a dog walk so instead I ran them round the shed throwing squeaky balls for half an hour.  That seemed to work fine, though it is not something I like to do every day but I don’t honestly think I could’ve walked upright anywhere.

I asked the sheep whether they wanted to go out and they, to a sheep, said they were fine indoors and please keep refilling their haynets.  I said “no, you get what you get and you could go out and find grass if you are still hungry. This is not a canteen and I am not your slave” and off I muttered!

So that’s been our day. Indoors while waiting for the weather to calm down.  When the wind blows like this, going outside is very hard work and possiby dangerous.

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Duvet Day | My Shetland

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