Abused parrot in video rescued by animal welfare society

Abused parrot in video rescued by animal welfare society

SINGAPORE – The parrot that was flicked in the beak by a woman and fed saliva in a viral video has been rescued by an animal welfare society on Sunday.

The Parrot Society Singapore said in an Instagram post on Sunday night that the parrot will be taken to a vet the next day.

A spokesman for the society told The Straits Times that the parrot was secured with the help of its volunteers and members of the public who came forward.

Parrot Society Singapore is a non-profit animal welfare society established in 2022 by a group of dedicated parrot owners. It aims to elevate the welfare standards of parrot-keeping in Singapore through education and outreach, and to provide a sustainable system through which abandoned, neglected, and mistreated parrots can be aided.

In the video that garnered much traction on Sunday, the woman filmed herself scolding the parrot and flicking its beak several times. Later, she feeds the parrot her saliva.

The footage was initially circulated in a lost-and-found bird group on Facebook and the woman mentioned in her post that she had found the lost parrot. The original post has been taken down.

According to the society, the parrot is a green-cheeked conure that is native to South America and not Singapore, so it is likely an escaped pet.

The video sparked condemnation online, with one netizen on Reddit calling it “disgusting”, and another saying it was “sadistic”.

In another post on Facebook, the woman uploaded TikTok videos of the parrot eating a cheese-flavoured Super Ring snack.

Abused parrot in video rescued by animal welfare society

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