Ducky Introductions | My Shetland

Ducky Introductions | My Shetland

Mrs Duckies #1 and #2 are now outside during the day.

Mr Ducky, the father of all the ducklings, is spending his days alternating between both families.  He seems calm about all his children and I keep a close eye.


I was worried that the Mrs Duckies, who are probably sisters, would hate each other now they have bebbies.

So seeing them sort-of together was heart-warming.

Anyway, I am hopeful they will sort themselves out because they have to. I’m not doing individual houses. Nope.

I think we have two boys and one girl.

And another girl.

Plus the other three with their Mum – it is early days for them and another whose eggs are tapping…… and Penthisilea.

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Ducky Introductions | My Shetland

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