Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain

First, a few photos off my phone, just because…..

(I am determined to get the front end of a bumble bee, but it does have a wonderful floofy back end!).

Last night – the love that dare not purr its name.

This made me instantly think of a pub.  Can you guess?

Anywho, today, it was raining.

Not enough for me to remember to wear a hat on the animal walk, but enough to make me wish I had brought one!

Despite the weather, everyone came along, which was…..err, noisy.

I managed to catch on video Pepper and Monster having a “play” (in the loosest sense of the word).   My money, as always, was on Monster.

Monster sang (read, whinged) the entire way round.

Ignoring him, I admired the wild primroses that are in their full glory now.

They really are incredible and a glorious sight.

This is Monster, après walk. I was told endlessly about how wet he was (“here, feel my fur, Mum. I have seen life and I shouldn’t have to.”)  I told you whinge, bloody whinge the whole way round.


Walking in the Rain

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