What is that? | My Shetland

What is that? | My Shetland

My car was given the all-clear so OH kindly drove me into town to collect it.  I wanted my car more than I wanted to watch the Coronation (I did manage to catch the good bits when I got home).

Anyway, once home I took the dogs, who had been waiting patiently for my return, for a walk in the wind and drizzle. It was not pleasant but you-know-who came too (I have no idea why – it was horrible outside).

And this is Kolka when she first saw The Great White Panther on our dog walk.  She could not believe her eyes.  It was very funny.  She was transfixed.

“What is this?” she asked me.  I didnt have an explanation ready……

“Well, you see I have this white cat called Monster and he thinks he’s invisible and he likes to go on dog walks” doesn’t really cut it somehow.

And if I am going to be perfectly honest Klængur, my money is on Monster so you have been warned.

Please don’t eat all the beautiful wild primroses, Kolka.

And then everyone wanted to come on this walk while it continued to rain.  Ugh.

One soggy cat, and two dogs later, I got my lunch together and watched the Coronation.


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What is that? | My Shetland

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