Do You See What I See? Color Camo!

Do You See What I See? Color Camo!

Do you see this man? He’s not easy to spot. He’s wearing certain colors to camouflage himself in a tree. 

Color camo makes the shape of his body hard to see.

Some Animals have color camo built right into their bodies! I’ll show you!

The leopard is circled, just to get you used to looking for animals in color camo.

On a leaf.

Okay, this would be some scary mud!

This is a bit harder to spot…look for 
its closed eye

A Master at color and shape camo!

It’s upside down

Even larger unspotted animals use their color camo:

Rocks hide animals, too.

And this big guy…who would have thought his colors keep him camouflaged?

Now I have a little camo photo that has an animal in it….but it’s sooo hard to find! 


If you can’t find it, scroll on down….the creature is circled below:

I couldn’t find it, either!

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Do You See What I See? Color Camo!

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