When You Look Like a Werewolf…

When You Look Like a Werewolf...

…you can be hard to love.  And maybe a bit scary.  

And certainly rare.

Nicknames for this strange-looking guy?
Horsehair Wolf
Skunk Wolf
Matted Wolf
Great Fox 
and my personal favorite, Red-Fox-on-Stilts

Funny thing is, he’s not a wolf OR a fox.  So what is he?

He’s called a Maned wolf and he’s a type of wild dog…and..

there’s no other wild dog like him on earth!

He’s the tallest at 42″ high…a bit taller than a countertop.

And he has the longest legs of all dogs…take a look, below:

He does look like he’s on stilts! 

He has a strange roar-bark, but is very shy of people.

Because the Maned wolf lives in South America, he eats some pretty strange stuff. 

In fact, half his diet is fruit and vegetables.

And you have to see the Maned wolf pup.  He’s born completely black, with big floppy ears!


So cute!  

You can hear a Maned wolf roar-barking, below:

The Maned wolf is one of my favorite animals…what about you?


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When You Look Like a Werewolf…

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