Companion Animal Psychology Turns 12

Companion Animal Psychology Turns 12

A twelfth anniversary is time to celebrate and to say thank you.

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By Zazie Todd PhD

Companion Animal Psychology blog is 12 years old today. A 12th anniversary is symbolized by silk and fine linen, hence the accompanying photo of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi sleeping amongst some beautiful fabrics.

12 years is a milestone that not many blogs achieve. It’s only happened because so many of you support this blog in so many ways, from sharing posts and suggesting topic ideas, to buying or gifting my books, for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you for your support and encouragement over the years!

What keeps me going is the wonderful community of so many people who care about helping their pets to be happy, about using reward-based methods, providing enrichment, and always learning more about dog and cat behaviour. And of course, I am always learning myself, from my interactions with people and their pets, and from all the papers I read so that I can bring you the latest science.

This year, there’s a lot to look forward to, including my third book, which will be out in the autumn. More on that very soon!

Meanwhile, I have a favour to ask. If you don’t already subscribe to this blog by email, please consider doing so. It’s the quickest way to learn when I have a new post, and from time to time I send emails just for subscribers, so it’s really the best way to keep in touch. Thank you!

Happy 12th blogiversary!


Companion Animal Psychology Turns 12

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