Chop and Change

Chop and Change

It was time to put everyone back to the three long fields in Sandness.  I only originally brought the ponies home for the dentist and the farrier.

We decided to leave Storm, Tiddles and Albie at home on their hard-standing for a bit longer.  I am not sure if you know, but Albie rejoined the hard-standing/stable group yesterday as he was lying down a lot and being by himself.  So, possibly not thrilled at this prospect (they did shout), the boys were very good and had a few extra carrots to divert them while their friends all left.

Easy loading.  Always nice. Five ponies moved.

Some quickly cantered off.  Even the old ladies were active.

And then Floss and I sucked our teeth about Waffle.

We both agreed “he was just not right” so, after lunch, we went back with the horsevan and brought him home again.

And I think we made the right decision.

Storm was pleased to see his friend.

While we have no offishul diagnosis, I think Waffle is finding his feet painful with all this grass, as is Albie.

I gave Waffle a painkiller and declared stable-rest for all.

It is just for tonight.  Give everyone’s feet (and possibly brain) a rest.

Tomorrow, Tiddles and Storm, who are walking very well now, can go outside but Waffle and Albie will remain indoors.

Feeling exhausted with all these descision, this afternoon, I went into my shed and made a mini-Barrel!  I might’ve also added more wool to the original standing Barrel to make him a bit more realistic!

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Chop and Change

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