Calling Them Home | My Shetland

Calling Them Home | My Shetland

The nights are drawing in now – this is the sun at 4pm.  It is almost dark by 7pm when I go out to do the last feeds and kiss everyone good night.

After making three sheeple – I started early today – I did afternoon snack buckets or haynets and then went to call the real-life sheep home.  They didn’t need asking twice.

We had a small chat and a few hugs – mostly Barrel, Edna and Bert.  Lambie was having a thing because I want to take off his fly collar, so of course I can’t get near him.

And then the sheep all went on their merry way again.  They cover a lot of ground during the day, which is good, I think.

After I’ve written this, I will go and find ‘Ster who, no doubt, has lost everyone to the bottom field.  I know my job.  Actually, I am surprised I can’t hear him complaining outside the front door that he’s all alone in the world.  He usually shouts very loudly.

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Calling Them Home | My Shetland

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