Better Behaviour | My Shetland

Better Behaviour | My Shetland

The ponies seem to have settled down a bit when they are eating now.  There is less arguing.

Maybe Newt’s self-enforced time out has helped.

Perhaps it made everyone appreciate each other more (*** snorts in derision as I type this! ***)

Vitamin is always the same – basically “give me my bucket now, B***h!”  I do. I think she would eat me if I didn’t or eat everyone else.

And then there is the washing up to do.  Today Silver got the empty feed bucket first.

But Storm wanted it too.

So he said, very nicely for Storm “please, Silver, can I have the bucket?”

And when Silver came up for air, Storm quickly took the bucket.  Anyway, I am pleased the bickering has stopped.  It was rude, unnecessary and rather exhausting.

Meanwhile, I am booking another appointment for the vet first thing for Monster tomorrow. Something is very not right and I am worried.

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Better Behaviour | My Shetland

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