Another Walk (sorry!) | My Shetland

Another Walk (sorry!) | My Shetland

Daisy’s last day and she joined us on our regular cat/dog walk.

Look at him go!

We don’t actually go very far because everyone just wants to mooch around playing in the stream….

…. or finding an island to make their own.

And then we laughed and laughed when we noticed Monster was in hunting-mode.  He obviously thought ‘Bert was smaller than he actually is and could be possible quarry.

But as ‘Bert wandered along, totally oblivious to his potential fate, …..

…. Monster realised he had made an embarrassing mistake and we promised never to mention it again.

I set off to look for Ted’s coat (he had previously lost it on another walk).

One yellow coat amongst yellow flowers in the field – I had no chance.  When I returned coatless, I found these three together.  Not something I expected.

Funny lot.

(I love Monster’s expression!)

I crossed the burn and left them to their whatever-that-was.

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Another Walk (sorry!) | My Shetland

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