Animal rights activists protest at ‘brutal’ pig farm

Animal rights activists protest at 'brutal' pig farm

Around 60 animal rights activists today (April 1) gathered outside a controversial Warwickshire business at the centre of a bitter row over the state of the UK’s pig farming industry. Campaigners from the Animal Justice Project descended on Bickmarsh Hall farm, south of Bidford-on-Avon, around midday.

Members of the pressure group infiltrated the farm last year during an expose, the findings of which were published earlier this month. They claim to have recorded appalling scenes of animal cruelty between September and November.

Footage allegedly showed pigs lying in cramped squalor with some allegedly left for hours to die. One video allegedly showed a pig being cannibalised, while a shivering and groaning piglet was allegedly trampled on and bitten by others.

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The site is Red Tractor-assured, meaning it belongs to a world-leading food chain assurance scheme that ‘underpins the high standards of British food and drink’. Yet activists say practices at the farm, which rears pigs sold in Asda and Tesco via pork producer Cranswick Country Foods, are some of the worst they have seen.

Carrying placards and banners with imagery from the AJP investigation, animal advocates gave speeches and laid flowers in memory of the pigs housed there. Ahead of the event, Project spokesperson Ayrton Cooper said: “We will be paying tribute to the tens of thousands of pigs who have suffered, and continue to suffer, behind the grim walls of Bickmarsh Hall.

“The pens, barren of any enrichment; pigs so caked in mud and faeces they are unable to stand; wilful neglect and absence of compassion by staff; mother sows confined in crates for weeks on end; bins full of dead pigs; and months of endless boredom and frustration resulting in cannibalism do NOT highlight one ‘bad apple’ of a farm, but the brutal reality for most pigs farmed in Britain today.”

Animal rights activists protest at ‘brutal’ pig farm

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