Another Equine Expert | My Shetland

Another Equine Expert | My Shetland

Today was our visiting equine dentist’s day (it’s all go here, I can tell you).

Stuart was mostly here to see Vitamin because of her no-eating misery scare a few months’ back and I added Fivla onto the list as well, just because it could do no harm.

As I had Fivla’s rope in my hands, when Stuart arrived, he saw her first.  I don’t think he did anything and said her teeth weren’t bad for her age (28yo).

Then it was Vitamin’s turn and again, he did very little saying he could find no evidence of infection/toothrot or anything that would’ve made her stop eating.  So that episode will remain a mystery.  A part of me wonders what it was, and the other bit is just grateful she is back to her usual self again.  Obviously the combination of high-strength antibiotics with the mother of all painkillers got things under control.

While Vitamin was being seen, Fivla entertained herself by having a mooch around the school.

It is blimmin’ cold now – a constant gale force north wind – so I popped on their rugs. Then we all courageously clambered through the mud and I put them back into their field with their friends.

This lot had been standing waiting for the old ladies to come home.  They are such a close-knit little herd.  They don’t function very well without Fivla and Vitamin telling them what to do.

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Another Equine Expert | My Shetland

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