Powell County Animal Shelter needs short-term help

Powell County Animal Shelter needs short-term help

(LEX 18) — The flooring inside the Powell County Animal Shelter not only looks to need an upgrade but a total rehab of those surfaces is being mandated. It’s a $13,000 project that’ll benefit all animals, but while that work is being done, it’ll create a real problem.

“We need a place to move our dogs. With cold temperatures, it’s bad timing,” said Teresa Stidham, who runs the shelter.

Teresa said she found out late Thursday night that the contractors can begin working right after the new year, perhaps as early as New Year’s Day.

“We’re hoping for temporary placements to get the animals inside and safe,” she explained.

Stidham said several community partners have already stepped up. A local groomer, for example, will be housing a few of the animals during the week. Another option is short-term housing with a family.

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“We’d like to have some foster homes. We’re just trying to network. Hoping a boarding facility can take a couple. We’re kind of in an emergency, needing all hands on deck,” she said.

Stidham said not one animal will be left without shelter, but a covered shelter is different from the warmth of the indoors. She said people are more than welcome to donate supplies that’ll help with caring for the animals, or monetary donations would help cover the expense of boarding elsewhere.

“It is so needed and will help us take care of the animals,” Stidham said of the project, choosing to look at the silver lining while working through the logistics of a huge inconvenience.

“Everybody is scrambling right now,” she added.

If you’d like to help the shelter during this time or foster an animal on a short-term basis, click here.

Powell County Animal Shelter needs short-term help

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