Requited Love | My Shetland

Requited Love | My Shetland

Maggie didn’t turn up for breakfast this morning, so after feeding everyone else, Pepper and I set off to look for her.  I took a bucket of rattly sheep nuts.

I love big fields until I have to walk them looking for someone!

And I found Maggie, right at the far corner, with her new love – a white Shetland hill ram on the other side of the fence.

He didn’t want to leave and neither did Maggie.

It was like the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet.

So I rattled my bucket of sheep nuts.

And Maggie left her Romeo. I gave her a few mouthfuls so she knew I had something nice with me.

And together we all walked back across the large field.

And I thought I was succeeding…..

…. until Maggie turned tail and ran back over the hill to her handsome prince.

I called and called for her and she almost came with us – she kept appearing on the skyline and then going – but no, I was left behind.

I let the other sheep into the field in the hope Maggie would see them and join back up with them, coming home in the afternoon, but no. Maggie is still out there with her ram the other side of the fence.  There is nothing more I can do.  We have a storm looming tonight and I would think the hill ram will go and seek shelter in the hill. Then maybe Maggie will come home. That is up to her. And, if there is a lamb(s) in a few months time, then so be it.  We will cross that bridge if or when we reach it.

Requited Love | My Shetland

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