Animals Without Limits: Horse Sanctuary 2017-2018

Animals Without Limits: Horse Sanctuary 2017-2018

 Little would we have known that AWL would start rescuing horses too. Don’t get me wrong, we want to rescue all animals, however, horses are big and expensive animals with a lot of knowledge inside their minds.

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Oregon is 26 years old former riding school horse. I always say things happen for a reason, and one day I walked around at the riding school/private horses in southern Italy. Someone was sad! I followed the feeling, around the stable to the backside. There I saw a box with a small window and sunlight was shimmering by the door.

 I looked inside the little opening, and there he stood, big and sad. 


He was tired!

I ran around the whole building after I had promised him I would get him out.

In a couple of minutes, I had adopted a horse. 

Everything went amazing with the flow of connections to get him up to Souther Germany.

This was October 2017 and two weeks ago his two old friends came up.

Determination and promise = Horse

                                                   It was a sweet meeting between them.

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Animals Without Limits: Horse Sanctuary 2017-2018

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