48 Hours | My Shetland

48 Hours | My Shetland

I lasted 48 hours. I did try, honest.

But I am hopeless about diets. I hate them.  I hate watching animals suffer (it shitted with rain yesterday) so I let everyone go out together because they miss each other and never stop shouting. No one settles.

My reasoning is that the field is not brilliant – well, that was what I told myself.

And they were so happy all together – lots of rolling, little bucks of happiness and general smiling. They are a close herd.

Meanwhile I am holding firm on the three ponies with laminitis.  Even I can see the point of that.  Is it sad that when I was moving Vitamin and Fivla back to the field, Fivla went to Albie’s stable and he was absolutely thrilled to see her.  Someone kill me now.  The guilt is intolerable.


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48 Hours | My Shetland

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