Animal rescuer calls for noise-free Diwali

Animal rescuer calls for noise-free Diwali

LUCKNOW: “How would we, humans, feel if an actual bomb goes off next to where we live every five minutes?” asks Dr. Vishakha Shukla, founder of Nawabi Tails Rescue. “Such is the case with animals on Diwali when the city streets are as noisy as a war zone. The strays experience severe anxiety, injuries, displacement and some even die,” she added.

With Diwali celebrations in full swing, the animal rescue has been receiving calls seeking help for strays in localities. Recently, Nawabi Tails was called to Gomti Nagar Extension to help a severely injured two-month-old pup. Mischievous children had set off a Diwali bomb inside its mouth. “His (the dog’s) whole jaw is gone,” said Shukla.

“We also had a case where a perfectly healthy pet dog died in minutes because a Diwali bomb went off close to his house gates.”

Officials of the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden and Lucknow zoo director BK Mishra conducted a door-to-door campaign on Saturday, urging residents around the zoo area to burst only low-decibel firecrackers so as not to disturb the wildlife.

Loud noises trigger anxiety among animals as they find themselves running from their territories. As this is also the mating season for dogs, rescue shelters often find orphaned litters, who lack immunity since they have been deprived of their mother’s milk.

“Bigger animals such as cows, bulls, horses, and donkeys are also very prone to injuries. Since most of them can’t run fast, they get injured from crackers going off near them. Moreover, the residue from crackers is poisonous, and many animals die from it,” Shukla added

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Animal rescuer calls for noise-free Diwali

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