Animal rescue experts mistake statue for stricken dog

Animal rescue experts mistake statue for stricken dog


Animal rescue volunteers raced to save a stricken dog trapped in a ditch at a holiday park — only to find it was a mutt-shaped statue.

Staff at Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said they received ‘multiple reports’ that a pooch was stuck in the muddy ravine at Thorpe Park holiday resort, in North East Lincs.

And their team scrambled to the site, near Cleethorpes Beach, in minutes on Saturday night and spoke to a lost dog group about their rescue plan.

The team of volunteers scrambled to save what they initially believed was a dog. Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue/SWNS

But when they arrived at the pooch’s precise location, they discovered that the stricken pup was in fact a 2ft tall ornamental statue of a Spaniel.

A spokesperson from the charity said: “Water rescue volunteers were deployed to Thorpe Park (Cleethorpes Beach) tonight after multiple consecutive reports of a dog stuck in a ditch.

“While our volunteers deployed to the area, we discussed the case with volunteers at Charlie’s Angels Lost and Found Pets about a plan and the location of the animal.

“On arrival, we were thankful to hear… It was a statue! A statue that had already been rescued by an onsite member of staff!

When they arrived at the dog’s location, the team discovered that the pup was in fact a 2ft tall statue of a Spaniel. Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue/SWNS

“Thank you to those who reported with good intent, and thank you to our water rescue volunteers for their immediate response — on scene and ready to go in less than 20 minutes!”

Local residents were full of praise for the charity, which provides rehabilitation for injured wildlife, even though their call-out turned out to be a false alarm.

One wrote on Facebook: “Thank goodness. It looked so real in the original photo, well done to the person who reported it, they must’ve been mortified.”

Another joked: “Actually quite a cute statue. Is he for sale?”

The charity is currently raising money to help save more animals in need.

Visit their GoFundMe page to donate.

Please go to their website for more information.

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Animal rescue experts mistake statue for stricken dog

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