Animal Pound #3: Well Look What We Have Here

Animal Pound #3: Well Look What We Have Here

Animal Pound #3 picks up with the pound now thriving after the animals learn to raise money and collect gifts via filming themselves like YouTubers. The issue then transitions into a look at the various leaders that are elected, showcasing the highs and lows of this new democracy, while also foreshadowing the eventual demise of the entire plan. With many connections to the state of the world today, creators Tom King and Peter Gross produce one of the most politically charged comics on the market.

A huge connective tissue throughout this issue is the idea of class warfare. Kind and Gross expertly thread the needle between the ideas of class and race by keeping the identities of the characters strictly around their species. There are dogs, cats, and rabbits, and they are always identified in this manner. This allows the story to touch on these different animals in a way of race and class that blur the lines into the simple idea of them versus us. This hits the topic in all directions, specifically as the book further explores the role of the rabbits, who are constantly viewed as the weaker, less intelligent animals of the bunch. Again, the issue is able to identify them in this way, leaving the reader in a place where they can attribute any aspect of society to them that makes sense.

Another element of this issue that rings true to today’s world is in the way it deeply ties itself to US history. While King and Gross’s ideas may be different, there is a clear tie between the way that King describes Piggy’s rise to power and the role that Ronald Reagan played in real world history. Additionally, King and Gross paint an excellent picture around the role of career politicians, showcasing how quickly an positive, but overall ineffectual leader can be ousted. These elements make the book feel very alive, with the glimpses to the real world being as frightening as they are clever.

Speaking of clever, King and Gross excellently pair the obvious with the nuance, giving dense conversations and set pieces a sense of brevity. There is a great moment where Fifi and Titan discuss Titan’s refusal to run for a third term, with Titan acknowledging that their goal of freedom means he must allow the pound to pick a new leader. This conversation presents a lot to think about, with Titan justifiably hopeful that the leaders to follow him will hold up the goals that were set out when the humans were ousted. Fifi argues that Titan achieved their goals, begging him to keep his position. This idea almost directly goes against their shared goal but it also makes complete sense. In the end, this moral dilemma ends in Fifi shouting at Titan as he eats grass, claiming that it will make him need to vomit. Titan replies saying “that’s only some old wive’s tale.” This clever scene cements how authentic this take on Animal Farm is, presenting the powerful and thought provoking with the juxtaposition of the mundane in parallel.

Animal Pound #3: Well Look What We Have Here

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