Alarm over animal cruelty increase in occupied north

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Significant rise in dog killings has been observed in the occupied territories of Cyprus, Kibris Postasi has reported. The issue came to notice following statements by the animal rights committee of the ‘Cyprus Turkish Bar Association’.

The committee has called for stringent and effective penalties to deter acts of violence against animals, underlining that poisoning and killing animals are strictly prohibited in the occupied areas.

The committee further presented disturbing footage, captured on Saturday, 4th November, in Koma tou Gialou, depicting the poisoning and callous disposal of a dog from a moving vehicle.

Furthermore, the urgent need for a thorough review and enhanced oversight of practices concerning the sale of agricultural pesticides was highlighted, as they are often used in these despicable acts.

While the perpetrators responsible for this horrifying incident were allegedly identified through in-car camera recordings, the critical footage has yet to be located for evidentiary purposes.

Emphasising the necessity of a comprehensive investigation, including the collection of evidence from the complainant and a thorough search for poison residues in the area, the committee urged ‘authorities’ to share their findings with the public.

(With information from Kibris Postasi & LGC News)

Alarm over animal cruelty increase in occupied north

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