A Quiet Sunday | My Shetland

A Quiet Sunday | My Shetland

Iacs is doing fine after his vet visit last week.  I’ve been watching him carefully and decided to take off his rug now as he’s not needing it.  He’s back to as normal – whatever that is.

Although they are not all together, the horses and ponies are in next-door fields which I am also keeping a close eye on.  Sometimes a fence is not enough to separate anyone.

Sadly the track is turning to mud but I am hoping the ground might start drying up again in the near future.  Today will not be that day – all it has done is drizzle annoyingly.  Not enough for rugs on, but enough to make me wonder whether I should’ve put the rugs on.  Gah!  I just can’t get it right.

So the mud is everywhere, even in my what was once a perfect dining area for the ponies.  This week, I shall extend this bit up to the hard-standing at the top.  Can you tell I am fed up with all this mud?  It is very depressing especially as it had started to dry up a few weeks’ back.  I may be a tad obssessed with the weather but you knew that.

The rest of my morning was spent being recorded. I had the usual followers but it was a tough one – everyone’s a critic.

So we gave Monster a spot to sit on (and also something rest the headphone splitter box on! – though we won’t tell him that).

It’s been a quiet Sunday, the best kind for me, though we are missing a duck. Only 11 at feeding time which is worrying.

Excuse me, Miss Pepper, what do you know about this?

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A Quiet Sunday | My Shetland

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