Where Can I Find Hyena For Sale?

hyena for sale

How to find hyenas for sale? first, you should know more about hyena, which is also spelled hyaena, which is any of three species of coarse-furred, doglike carnivores found in Asia and Africa and noted for their scavenging habits.

Hyenas have long forelegs and a powerful neck and shoulders for dismembering and carrying prey. Hyenas are tireless trotters with excellent sight, hearing, and smell for locating carrion, and they are proficient hunters as well. All hyenas are more or less nocturnal.

What do you need to know about Hyena?

It’s so hard to find hyena for sale, this animal is Intelligent, curious, and opportunistic in matters of diet, hyenas frequently come into contact with humans. The spotted, or laughing, hyena (Crocuta crocuta) is the largest species and will burglarize food stores, steal livestock, occasionally kill people, and consume wastes—habits for which they are usually despised, even by the Masai, who leave out their dead for hyenas. Even so, hyena body parts are sought for traditional tokens and potions made to cure barrenness, grant wisdom, and enable the blind to find their way around.

hyena for sale

Brown hyenas are blamed for many livestock deaths that they probably do not cause. Similarly, from North Africa eastward to India, striped hyenas are blamed when small children disappear and for supposedly attacking small livestock and digging up graves. In consequence, some populations have been persecuted nearly to extinction. All three species are in decline outside protected areas.

Can I own Hyena?

Many people are entranced with the idea of having such a beautiful and powerful animal as a hyena as a pet. It is a shocking fact that there is actually more “pet” hyena in the USA – around 1,000 of them – than exist in the wild. These felines are incredibly graceful, sleek, and gorgeous – and we all get mesmerized by their exotic beauty at places like zoos and big cat rescue and rehabilitation centers. Some people get so smitten that they decide to purchase a hyena of their own, and are stuck with a recklessly wild animal for years and even decades – that is if they can even afford to care for it. Here, we examine the legal aspects of owning a hyena as a pet.

First of all, different states have different laws. Owning a pet hyena is considered legal or is unregulated in eight states, all of which have rather lax regulatory laws concerning animal rights in general: North Carolina, Alabama, Delaware, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Fourteen other states require a permit to own a hyena or any other big cat. Means that roughly half of the states accept pet hyenas on a legal basis.

How much does a hyena for sale cost?

Hyena as a pet is surprisingly cheap to purchase as a pet. People in the USA can purchase a captive-born hyena for anywhere from $1500-$15000. Typically people will purchase a female hyena, as the males tend to be more aggressive, more territorial, and more unpredictable in their behavior. This does lead to some questionable behavior regarding the treatment of male hyenas that are born to a breeder.

Despite this relatively cheap initial purchasing price of a hyena cub, the costs of keeping and caring for a wild hyena are extremely high. A full-grown hyena requires around 6,000 kilocalories of food a day – that is about 15 pounds of meat! However, in the wild, hyenas consume a wide variety of animals and plants and therefore require a diverse diet to ensure they are receiving an adequately nutritious diet. This means that in addition to purchasing enough meat to support a hyena pet, various nutrients and nutritious additives must be purchased to add to food so that the hyena does not suffer from malnutrition and deficiencies.

Types of Hyenas in The World

Most types of Hyenas are widespread and found in most habitats. Spotted hyenas are found in all habitats, including savannas, grasslands, woodlands, forest edges, sub deserts, and even mountains up to 4,000 meters.

Brown Hyena (Hyaena Brunnea)
Spotted Hyena (Crocuta Crocuta)
Striped Hyena (Hyaena Hyaena)
Aardwolf (Proteles Cristata)

The end result is that often hyenas live in decrepit squalor, in tiny pens piled high with their own waste. hyena living in tiny pens will quite literally lose their minds, becoming hyperaggressive and attacking anything that comes near their enclosure. so we do not advise owning any kind of exotic animals.

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Where Can I Find Hyena For Sale?

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