What Are the Brown Spots on My Dog’s Skin?

Brown Spots on My Dog

When you keep dogs at your home, it sometimes suffers from brown spots on their skin that can be formed due to various reasons. In this article, I will guide you about the possibilities and reasons for the brown spots on the skins of dogs.

The Brown Spots on my Dog

The main source of these brown spots is sometimes the infection of yeast which can be treated easily with medicines and vaccinations. But many times, the possibility is something else of this issue. This can happen if you consult the specialist immediately for a proper cure at the right time.

Hyperpigmentation is the cause of this disease in the skin of dogs. This is not a very serious problem but arrives due to the reaction of the skin to certain physical factors. Due to this effect on the skin, the skin of the dog becomes hairless, and thick, and changes color of the skin.

Reasons for the Brown Spots on the Dog’s Skin:

As I have already mentioned, whenever you notice this thing arising on your pet’s skin, go for the proper diagnosis of why they arise on its skin. You can either consult a well-informed dog breeder or veterinarian.

Brown Spots on My Dog

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1. Due to Yeast Infection:

This infection is the main cause that is responsible for the spots most of the time. In its initial stage, it makes the skin brown, dry, and in a dark shade. If you do not treat it properly and at the right time the spots become red, and yellow, making them irritate and causing inflammation and itchiness on their skin.

2. Due to Allergy:

If you notice dark and brown spots, they sometimes arise due to any kind of allergy. Maybe your dog is sensitive to some kind of thing that causes spots on its skin. The main reasons for allergy are products from which you clean them, any kind of cloth they wear, environmental issues, and sometimes their diet is not appropriate for them.

If these things react on the skins of the dogs, they make them reddish and become itchy for them.

3. Due to Infection of Bacteria:

The brown spots can also happen due to an attack of any kind of bacteria that creates a problem on their skin. As soon as the bacteria attack their skin. The skin becomes dark in color and brown and if you don’t care for them this will lead to serious issues.

4. Due to Self-Attack:

If dogs suffer from any kind of itchiness, stress, or bites from the bugs they sometimes use their tongue to remove the itchiness or may bite on their skin too. This self-attack leads them to bleed and creates spots and darkness on their skin.

If you see your pet is doing such an attack on itself, immediately take action against it.

5. Due to Hormonal Issues:

Hormonal imbalances or issues lead to this problem too. The imbalance hormonal problem leads to this disease. This thing especially happens during their pregnancy period. These spots are sometimes cured or went away from the body but sometimes if an immediate cure is not given to them leads to a permanent and serious issue.

6. Due to Parasites Attacks:

When some dangerous parasites attack the skin of dogs. The skin becomes reddish and inflamed. The more a dog suffers from many parasites the more their skin becomes reddish and full of spots. Not only this it also creates inflammation which makes them disturb and sick.

7. Due to Aging Process:

As with the growing process, the skin becomes not perfect as before and this will also be a sign of the brown spots on the skin of pets like human beings. An increase in Melanin is the major cause of this disease in the growing age.

Food for the Dogs During the Yeast Infection:

As yeast infection is the main cause of this issue, you must give this kind of food which will prevent your dog from brown spots.

Remove the food which consists of carbohydrates and sugar, because this will promote yeast infection. Must give food that is free from yeast issues. You can make suitable food for them. A diet full of grains and protein should be the best one for your dogs to prevent this disease.

Recommended Shampoos to Get Rid of Yeast Infection:

Here are some shampoos that will help you to remove this problem.

  1. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Shampoo.
  2. Arava Skin & Coat Shampoo.
  3. Alpha Paw Antibacterial & Antifungal Shampoo

Final Words:

As this is not a very serious disease but you must treat it well at the right time. Brown spots will lead you to some dangerous and serious consequences if you leave this disease and do not cure it properly. This article will become beneficial for you in knowing the actual cause of brown spots.

Brown Spots on My Dog FAQs:

1. How do dogs suffer from a yeast infection?

When they consume food full of sugar and carbohydrates they suffer from a yeast infection which makes skin spots.

2. Why do dogs suffer from brown spots due to age issues?

Due to the growing process, the melanin present in the body becomes more that’s why brown spots appear.

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What Are the Brown Spots on My Dog’s Skin?

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