Waffle Home | My Shetland

Waffle Home | My Shetland

Today we managed to get the horsevan out of its snowdrift (I had parked it up on the road a few days previously) and drove it over to Leradale. I wanted to bring Waffle home.

If I have a thing, it is that I am not a fan of horses/ponies in rugs that I can’t see and keep an eye on.  They instantly get stuck.  Waffle doesn’t seem to have the essential Shetland pony winter undercoat (I think he didn’t grow it in autumn, when it mattered, as he was living in the stable recovering from laminitis) so for his health and well-being, he can live at home with Storm, Albie and Tiddles plus his rug, if necessary.

Newt was beyond appalling this morning.

He had a very twitchy bottom – we had words and then I had to go an apologise and explain the words because Newt took umbrage. FFS – he sulked!

Anyway, buckets for the old ladies.

The others don’t need them now the grass has begun to appear.

Once finished, I walked Waffle very carefully up the track and over the ice to the horsevan (parked a little way down the road) and loaded him.

He was pleased to see his old friends. Newt has taken up bullying Waffle so I think he was relieved to leave him behind.

The ponies are out for the few hours of daylight and then back into the stable for the rest of the day with soaked hay.  Waffle will get used to our routine.

Meanwhile, the electricity has been off most of the afternoon to stabilise our’s and others’ supply.  I wrapped Christmas presents by lamp light praying it would come back on. It did.

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Waffle Home | My Shetland

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