Triptii Dimri’s fees for Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Animal’ revealed

Triptii Dimri's fees for Ranbir Kapoor starrer 'Animal' revealed

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‘s ‘


‘ has created a huge euphoria, not just at the box office but even on social media. The film has hit the right chord for many and yet offended some too with its share of criticism in tow.All the actors from the film, despite having a small role have also got a lot of appreciation. For instance,

Triptii Dimri

had an extended cameo in the movie and yet, she’s become a huge sensation now. The actress has got more love than she ever did for her earlier work like ‘Bulbbul’ or ‘


‘ where she proved her mettle.

A new report has revealed the fees which Triptii got for ‘Animal’. According to Lifestyle Asia, Triptii was paid Rs 40 lakhs for her cameo in ‘Animal’. However, one cannot officially confirm this till Triptii reveals the fees she charged for the movie.

Triptii’s intimate scenes in the movie and chemistry with Ranbir have been the talk of the town. During a conversation with ETimes, Triptii had revealed that more than these scenes in ‘Animal’, the rape scene in ‘Bulbul’ was more challenging for her. She had expressed, “More than the scenes in ‘Animal’, the rape scene that I did in ‘Bulbbul’ was more challenging for me as a person, I won’t say as an actor. As a person, that scene was more challenging because you’re just giving up. And giving up is more difficult than finding courage to do something. If I can overcome that, then this scene in ‘Animal’ was nothing in comparison to that. And I think the day you sign a project, it’s your job, it’s your responsibility as an actor to do 100 percent justice to the character you’re portraying. You have to be completely honest with it. To make sure that you’re, giving your director what he wants on screen and portraying it with utmost honesty. That’s what I aim to do.”

Post ‘Animal’, Triptii has topped the IMDB list of “Popular Indian Celebrities” and indeed so!

Triptii Dimri’s fees for Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Animal’ revealed

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