Companion Animal Psychology Book Club June 2022

Companion Animal Psychology Book Club June 2022

Purr is cat-centered, so much that it feels like a very smart cat wrote it! Starting with the most recent scientific findings, Zazie Todd explains with clarity what cats enjoy, what is good for their well-being, and how we can build a strong reciprocal bond with them. Indispensable reading.”–Dr. Carlo Siracusa.

By Zazie Todd PhD

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This month, I’m honoured that the Animal Book Club is reading my new book, Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy.

From the publisher,

“We all love our cats and we all want them to be happy. But making our cats happy isn’t about buying them lots of things―it’s about finding out what matters to them. In Purr, animal behavior expert Zazie Todd addresses every stage of your cat’s life and offers surprising and effective advice for even the most experienced cat owner, all with the science to back it up.

In this indispensable book, “cat lovers learn the science behind cats’ petting preferences; the multiple meanings of purrs, chirrups, and meows; how to best satisfy the scratching and stalking desires for indoor cats; and even how to keep both cats and wildlife safe if your felines spend time outside.”―Cat Warren, New York Times-bestselling author “

Book club members will have the chance to ask me questions about the book, cats, and writing. 

Purr is available wherever books are sold. It and all of the previous book
choices (and more!) are also available in my Amazon store: In Canada, signed copies are available from Black Bond Books (choose the Surrey warehouse for shipping) via this link:

The book club is open to people who subscribe to my free Companion Animal Psychology newsletter and/or my premium newsletter, The Pawsitive Post. Please feel free to sign up and join us!

Of course, you are also welcome to read alongside us without joining the group. 

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Companion Animal Psychology Book Club June 2022

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