Thawing Today | My Shetland

Thawing Today | My Shetland

Today we woke up to slightly less snow and it was a few degrees warmer.  What a difference to everyone’s attitude that made.

We managed to drive to Leradale but en route could see where the gritter went off the road. Scary stuff and I hope no one was hurt.

The Minions were all pleased to see us.

Though that pleasure quickly decreased when they realised I wasn’t putting out hay today.

They could go and dig.

Of course, the Old Ladies had their buckets.

And then Fivla, instead of stopping for her usual chat, left….

… and everyone else followed.

Well, mostly everyone else. Storm and Newt stayed behind to eat Vitamin’s empty bucket.

We walked back to the house.  Interestingly the snow drifts had increased overnight.

I was impressed.

I found Iacs having a rest in his very own snow drift.  He seemed happy enough.

These two have not stopped bickering.

I might’ve had a few words with Kolka about her is-there-anything-better-in-anyone-else’s-bucket routine.  Rude, much.  We have to work on losing this speshul skill.

But the thaw has continued all day.  Drip, drip, drip.

And the best sight was the horses all going down to their proper field to find and eat grass.  I could almost hear their disinterest in my haynets so I didn’t put any out.

The sheep, however, are ever optimistic that I will feed them again, and again, and again.

Thawing Today | My Shetland

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