This Lot

This Lot

This morning this lot turned up for their breakfast, which is unusual – mostly we have to tramp through the mud and over fences to give them their buckets.

The mud is drying, but very slowly and is the wellie-boot-sucking type mud, which is nasty.

So I opened the field gate and let them all out.  Firstly to feed….

And secondly, to move them to another less muddy field.

Yes, we have mud in the gateways but I offered them the choice of three fields.

So of course Iacs, Klaengur and Kolka wandered into the wrong field.

And I told Haakon which field to go into.

Kolka, not stupid, followed.

Haakon is never stupid.

Klaengur took Iacs with him continuing in the wrong direction and wandered off into the distance, so I scrambled back quickly over the fence in a dignified fashion, to grab Iacs by his chin-hairs and lead him into the same field as Haakon and Kolka.  I left Klaengur to his wanderings. He will get the plot one day.

Iacs, on the other hoof, would never get the plot and wander alone forever.  He tends to do this.

Anyway, these three are fine and Klaengur will some time later today work it out and join them. I am not worried about him.

This Lot

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