The Easy Way to Keep Dogs Active and Engaged

The Easy Way to Keep Dogs Active and Engaged

If you’ve ever taught your dog to do anything – from a basic “sit” to running an agility course – you’ve probably noticed how much they enjoy it. Is it because of the tasty reward they earn? Well, partly. After all, everyone loves to get paid!

However, the reasons dogs love to learn go well beyond the immediate reward. Dogs – yes, even lap dogs and canine couch potatoes – need both mental and physical stimulation to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted. When you train or play with your dog, you’re giving him the opportunity to engage his body and mind in fun, new ways. And that, in turn, builds his confidence, leads to better behavior, lengthens his attention span, helps improve his physical health and may even stave off doggie dementia!

But if you’re like a lot of people, your schedule is already packed with work, family and social commitments. How are you supposed to find the time to give your dog the attention and stimulation he needs while still taking care of the rest of your busy life?

Pet Tutor has already made the training process easier and more convenient with our automatic treat dispenser. But what if your Pet Tutor could do even more? What if your dog could play games, learn new things and earn rewards – all while you’re making dinner, working, exercising or helping the kids with their homework?

By combining your Pet Tutor with the PupPod high-tech puzzle game, you’ll save precious time while your dog enjoys exciting, new challenges. Just pair your Pet Tutor with the PupPod Wobbler toy through your mobile device and let the fun begin!

At first, the games are simple. Motion detectors sense when your dog sniffs the PupPod, and the Pet Tutor automatically rewards him with a yummy treat. Once he gets the hang of it, the games get a little bit more challenging. Using his doggie brain, he has to figure out when to touch – or not touch – the toy to earn a reward from the Pet Tutor. With a combination of lights and sound, PupPod offers a variety of interesting games and automatically gets harder as your dog gets smarter – meaning he’ll never get bored.

As your dog progresses, you can even feed him his whole meal using the PupPod and Pet Tutor together. And by placing the Pet Tutor and PupPod farther and farther apart, you can give him extra physical exercise, too. A dog can easily walk a mile in a living room going back and forth between the two devices.

The Pet Tutor and PupPod combo is great for:

  •      Directing puppy energy in a positive way
  •      Giving working breeds a job to do
  •      Encouraging “gulpers” to slow down while they’re eating
  •      Redirecting minor separation anxiety
  •      Providing low impact activity for dogs recovering from surgery or injury
  •      Keeping senior dogs mentally engaged
  •      The special training needs of blind and deaf dogs

By combining the Pet Tutor with PupPod, it’s never been easier or more convenient to keep your dog happy, active and engaged.  

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The Easy Way to Keep Dogs Active and Engaged

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