A New Régime

A New Régime

Well, now that spring is properly here and the grass is growing well, all the oldies are not on fattening food anymore.  I have cut back.  They get their breakfast bucket but it is not as calorifically laden as it used to be.

My theory being they are fat enough!

The weight is back on and everyone is perfect.

That is the face of an Iacs who stole, yes you heard me correctly, stole Haakon’s afternoon carrot and now I have to make sure Haakon has an extra one tomorrow morning because of this heinous crime.

And this is the face of Haakon who knows Iacs stole his carrot! He was not happy and I could not be arsed to walk all the way back up the hill to get another carrot especially for Haakon. So shoot me.

Wisely, Kolka left the boys to their own argument.

She is looking fabularse.

Spot on.

Yup, obviously more tomorrow!

A New Régime

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