The Contrast | My Shetland

The Contrast | My Shetland

The contrast from this morning – blue sky, sunshine, and happy faces.

Well, more like gormless faces, but smiley ones nonetheless.

Shovel that food in, Kolka! You go girl.

And then this afternoon, after I had spent some time in my shed making a sheep and taking photos of Pepper in her new collar (now this one I like very much) – rolled green leather – we went back outside and did it all again.

This time there was snow.

Here is a little action video of actual movement from the horses at the thought of a haynet!

The old folk did eventually climb the hill to their food.  Mr and Mrs Happy-Couple of course shared theirs.

While, on the other gate, Haakon and Iacs (aka Statler and Waldorf) had theirs.

There is a small part of me (no, actually a huge part of me) that thinks Klaengur is a hen-pecked husband!  He has that look but he is so happy.

And the snow continues…… while Monster remains hopeful.

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The Contrast | My Shetland

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