The Ancient Ones

The Ancient Ones

Haakon, is now officially 30 years old.  I have always loved his eyes.

Iacs, or Bibble, was on the rampage for the contents of my pocketses.

The frilly (forelock) remains silly.

These two – Haakon and Iacs – are cousins.  They have been together for 20+ years and are the best of friends.  Interestingly, when Haakon arrived with me he was 3 years old.  I was told about his cousin, Iacs, but didn’t buy him.  Then, some years later, my business partner and I decided to start a riding school, and so we went to see Iacs and bought him.  Despite many years absence, both Haakon and Iacs instantly recognised each other, walked over and started to groom each other, like this.  They have always been friends. I also secretly think only Haakon understands Iacs while Iacs will do anything to keep Haakon going.


And then Kolka joined the herd.  She has formed a bond with Haakon and they get on fairly well.

A bit like an old married couple.

It’s not the same relationship, like Haakon and Iacs, but it works.

Kolka is not a huge fan of Iacs.  She puts up with him and they argue after eating their buckets.  Huge shouting matches along with some reversing.

Still, Kolka has fitted in well and is actually a valuable member of the team. She makes the Old Men walk, find food, exercise and even think.  Without her, they would just stand by the gate and wait ……. and wait……. and wait………

The Ancient Ones

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