New finding in roundworms upends classical thinking about animal cell differentiation

Researchers have spotted how specific proteins within the chromosomes of roundworms enable their offspring to produce specialized cells generations later, a startling finding that upends classical thinking that hereditary information for cell differentiation is mostly ingrained within DNA and other genetic factors. The Johns Hopkins University team reports for the first time the mechanisms by […]

‘Thinking With Animals’ exhibit in Canton is worth seeing

Anderson Turner  |  Special to Akron Beacon Journal Animals have long been used by artists to express special ideas and emotions. Their anthropomorphic qualities have been featured in storytelling in literature, theater, music and visual art. “Thinking With Animals,” on view through March 5 at the Canton Museum of Art, is a huge show of over […]

Thinking outside the box at animal shelters – Red Bluff Daily News

In July of this year I wrote about how our shelter has been at or above capacity for months. Unfortunately the news has not changed. Like so many shelters around the country, adoptions are less than stellar, and relinquishment of pets keeps increasing. The reasons are numerous. With rapidly rising inflation people are struggling just […]

Innovative Thinking Has Potential Adopters Swiping Right for Their Dream Dog

Miranda Morrison with Animal Ark Rescue had a brilliant idea about how to get her favorite long-stay dog, Henry, adopted – and it involved pizza and dating. Right away I’m sure you’re thinking this is the typical “invite a dog out for a pizza date” temporary foster idea. But this is something covert and clever. […]

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