Sloths on the Rocks | My Shetland

Sloths on the Rocks | My Shetland

I have officially given up trying to show the sloths, aka my Shetland ponies where the grass is in their field.

They are all determined to spend their days standing on their rock.

So I have decided to leave them there.

Enjoy it, I told them, as I walked away to take the dogs on their walk.

See if I care.

I, tried, I failed and I now give up.  I can do no more.

Maybe the Old Ladies will take pity on the boys and take them on a wander of the huge field that is their home.

To be perfectly honest, when I was walking the dogs this morning, I found evidence of pony poo around, so I think they are actually leaving their rock when I have gone home.  I just don’t see them move.

And, as I want them to lose weight, I guess they will all slim down very quickly just staying where they are.

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Sloths on the Rocks | My Shetland

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