Meet Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Newest Resident: Beni!

Today’s daily dose of “aww” is brought to you by Animal Kingdom Lodge. The resort hotel at Walt Disney World is home to over 30 species of animals, each living in one of the resort’s 4 Savanna habitats. There are more than 200 animals here, and they recently just grew by one more! In July, […]

Dr Andil Gosine’s newest book: Embracing the animal within

Features Janelle De Souza 2 Hrs Ago Artist, writer and scholar, Dr Andil Gosine. Photo by Catherine Sforza. – Artist, writer and scholar Dr Andil Gosine believes since, socially, the definition of “human” revolves around some impossible ideal of European men, no one should have to prove their humanity by conforming to that standard. Instead […]

Rozi and Daisy – The Zoo’s Newest Friends

If you follow the zoo, I’m sure you’ve seen our 2 newest (and cutest) additions to the Cat Ambassador Program (CAP): Rozi and Daisy! Rozi is a cheetah cub that came to us from Wildlife Safari in Oregon. She was a single cub and couldn’t be cared for by her mom, so she came to […]

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