Denny’s leadership confronted about animal cruelty scandal

As Denny’s executives gathered for a golf tournament, advocates entered the public golf course to speak with them about Denny’s animal cruelty scandal. Executives failed to respond to demonstrators’ questions regarding the use of cages for mother pigs in its supply chain. For over a year, Animal Equality has been fighting a campaign against Denny’s […]

Denny’s faces mounting pressure to eliminate crates for pigs, Reuters reports

Yesterday, following collaboration with Animal Equality, global media outlet Reuters reported on the increasing pressure Denny’s is receiving to end the use of crates for pregnant pigs. The corporation is currently facing a growing nationwide campaign by Animal Equality and an upcoming investors meeting on May 15 for a shareholder vote on the issue.  A […]

Denny’s and Finn Partners: allies in animal cruelty

Almost one year after launching a campaign to ban extreme confinement in Denny’s supply chain, Animal Equality has appealed to Finn Partners to use its influence to protect animals.  Denny’s is a client of Finn Partners, a marketing and public relations firm aiming to “make a positive impact in the world.” Despite considering itself “champions […]

53,000 Voices for Animals Face Hostility at Denny’s Headquarters

Today, December 11th, Animal Equality is in Spartanburg, South Carolina, to carry out actions against restaurant giant Denny’s. Representatives from the organization, including President Sharon Núñez, traveled from various parts of the country to stage a demonstration at the Denny’s headquarters in downtown Spartanburg. In front of members of the press, the advocates attempted to […]

Denny’s Issues Shocking Response to Consumer Concerns of Animal Cruelty

In a recent demonstration organized by Animal Equality, the son of a Denny’s executive sparked controversy by responding to peaceful protestors with an obscene gesture.  This response comes after thousands of consumers shared with Denny’s leadership their concerns that the company abandoned its commitment to ban cages for mother pigs. Ryan Magro, son of the […]

Protesting Denny’s Cruelty: Chicago’s Weekend of Actions

This past weekend, protesters gathered in the bustling heart of Chicago to take action for animals. They gathered for a demonstration outside a local Denny’s restaurant on Saturday, followed by an Animal Equality booth at Sunday’s Lucha Vegan event. The protest, spearheaded by Animal Equality, was a direct response to Denny’s failure to eliminate extreme […]

Protest Against Denny’s Largest Franchisee

On Thursday, September 21st, around a dozen animal advocates attended the Philadelphia premiere of a documentary produced by Denny’s largest franchise owner, Dawn Lafreeda. While the film raises important questions about the disparities women face in the business world, Lafreeda remains silent about a crucial issue in her business world at Denny’s. Around a dozen […]

Times Square Billboard Exposes Denny’s Cruelty Toward Mother Pigs

In the heart of Times Square shines a new message above the crowds of people: “Denny’s, animal abuse is bad for business.” The billboard is the newest effort by Animal Equality, who launched a campaign earlier this year against the American diner-style restaurant Denny’s for abandoning its commitment to protect mother pigs in its supply […]

Nationwide Protests Raise Concern for Pigs in Denny’s Supply Chain

This past January, Animal Equality launched a nationwide campaign against Denny’s to call on the company to follow through on a decade-old commitment to end the use of crates for pigs in its supply chain. The campaign came to a head this month as protests broke out at various Denny’s locations across the U.S. The […]

Animal Equality Protests Denny’s on Las Vegas Strip

In the heart of Fremont Street, beneath the iconic yellow neon lights of Denny’s flagship restaurant, Animal Equality stood with a coalition of activists to protest Denny’s association with animal cruelty. Despite publicly committing to phasing out the use of “gestation crates” in its supply chain over a decade ago, Denny’s has failed to follow […]

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